An Aquamira Filter Water Bottle Filters Water For Me

4-aquamira-filter-water-bottleSince I often run out of water when I go on long hikes, I have a really hard time making sure that I am able to stay well hydrated. This is something that I know is dangerous, so I have been working on finding some way to get the water that I need whenever I am out for a hike. Carrying more water with me isn’t an option since my backpack is already very heavy.

I do hike in areas that are near to lakes and rivers, so what makes the most sense for me is getting some kind of a water bottle with a filter that will make it so that I can drink from these water sources. Then I wouldn’t have to carry more water, but I could refill my water bottle as I am hiking in the woods. There are a lot of great water bottles that are made for this purpose exactly.

Having a water bottle like this is important to me, so I have been looking for many different types of water bottles that work like this. I really like the looks of an Aquamira filter water bottle that I know I could use when I am hiking. Something like this would be perfect for me to use.

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