Stored Food Must Have Long Shelf Life

As we b56 Serving Grab n Go Bucketegan our on-line store, we knew we needed a good source of canned or dried foods that would take less room to store and wouldn’t be dependent of refrigerators and freezers. Yes, you can get products like that at your local grocery store but there are 2 distinct disadvantages to stocking up on canned goods and jerky: (1) Canned goods are heavy and if the disaster requires you to move out, they don’t move easy; (2) Both canned goods and jerky take up a lot of storage room which most do not have.

We found a good source of Wise Freeze Dried Foods, which gives you a wide variety of meats, fruits and vegetables that just require water to prepare. It’s definitely better to have Apple-Cinnamon Cereal for breakfast, Cheesy Macaroni for lunch, Stroganoff for dinner, and a Tropical Fruit Bar for snacks than to have Beef Jerky and canned beans, corn, or peas for EVERY meal – Wouldn’t you agree?


Is a Travel Trailer “the Answer”?

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If you have prepared for any major disaster with food and water, there are still items you will need to be self-sufficient; one area you need to prepare yourself for is: Where will you sleep and what will you need to keep warm? A travel trailer, pickup camper, or a motor home are all viable sleeping quarters – as long as you have a way to make fire for cooking and boiling water. IF your vehicle is able to survive a solar flare or an EMP (Electro-Magnetic-Pulse), you only have so much fuel for the vehicle and limited propane in the vehicle. One answer to supplement your camping vehicle would be a tent.

We have a travel trailer and, knowing it’s limitations, we are purchasing a Coleman TenayaLake 6p FastPitch Cabin w/Cabinets tent and upgrading our sleeping bags – My wife is trying to convince me we need to purchase a cot or air mattress to sleep on in the tent and I will probably relent because, as a hunter who has slept on the ground, you get up with aches and pains, especially as I get older (mid 70’s). We have a wide variety of Alps Mountaineering and Coleman tents to choose from to fit your needs.

A Good Camp Stove is Essential When Camping

Zippo Windproof StoveWe have four (4) full 5 gallon propane tanks and four (4) full fuel tanks we keep at the ready if the situation requires us to leave our home and we selected the Zippo Windproof 2-Burner Stove because it is built very rugged and Zippo has built wind proof lighters for as long as I can remember! It uses the 1# propane tanks but you can use the larger tanks with a little modification.

Runny eggs, uneven picnic tables and wind. These are some of the most frustrating challenges while cooking on a stove outdoors. Not anymore. Zippo’s stove features simple improvements like independent adjustable feet and a bubble level to ensure your cook surface is flat and easy to manage. An optional leg accessory is also available to free up valuable picnic table space. The dual burners feature a burner and chimney combination to protect against wind and direct more heat up towards the pot or pan.

But we carry a variety of camp stoves by Coleman, Tex Sports, and Zippo to fit every pocket book because our goal is the best products for the least cost to our customers.

Protecting Your Family, Friends, and Neighbors

NcStar 42" Double Carbine Case, Digital CamoAs we began preparing for disasters (man-made or natural), protecting ourselves, family, friends, and neighbors became a real talking point. We knew the most reliable tool for self-protection would be handguns and rifles. Every member of my family is trained in firearms safety and accurate shooting, so the question became: “What kind of firearms?” That is a choice to make carefully; it is a personal choice but should start with firearms safety training! Safety and proper care of firearms is as important as being able to hit what you’re shooting at! Cleaning kits and gun bags were the first items we acquired, plus we standardized the firearms we would use.

I like the NcStar Double Carbine Case 36 because it has a separating pad to keep 2 carbines from banging against each other and the 3 exterior pouches allow me to carry several magazines and cleaning gear with it.


Some Outdoor Adventure Backpacks Really are Great to Have When Hiking

8-outdoor-adventure-backpacksSince I recently began to spend a lot more time out hiking, I started to notice more and more that the backpack that I was using on these trips wasn’t a backpack that was really good enough for me to have. I hated the idea of getting rid of this backpack, but since it wasn’t one that was built to hold up to all the trips that I was taking outdoors, I knew that it was very important that I do something.

I spent a good amount of time looking for different types of backpacks that were the perfect kinds of items for me to use on a regular basis as a replacement for the different types of backpacks that I had used before. It was extremely important for me to be able to choose all of the right kinds of backpacks that I would be able to use when I hiked.

It took me a while to look at the great outdoor adventure backpacks that were available, but eventually I was able to find one that I really liked. Having the right kind of a backpack that I can use to make sure that I am able to hike all the time is something that is very important.

Getting the Best Outdoor Water Filter to Use

7-waterWhen I recently began to pack a survival kit, it occurred to me that one of the big things that I might not have access to in an emergency would be fresh water. Having the water that I really need to make sure that I am able to survive is something that is so important to me. To make this possible, I had to find something to use as a filter to make sure I could get healthy water.

There are a lot of different types of survival filters out there, so it wasn’t too difficult for me to find a huge selection of different types of outdoor filters that I might be able to choose from once I began to look on a regular basis. I read reviews and learned a lot about the different filter options so that I would be able to find the very best outdoor water filter that I could use.

It is wonderful being able to have a water filter on hand in my home since I know that I will be able to stay a lot safer if I am in a situation where I might end up needing to use it. I really love the idea that I am prepared for just about anything that the world ends up throwing at me.

Some Alps Mountaineering Taurus Tents Help to Shelter Me From the Weather

6-alps-mountaineering-taurus-tentsAs I have been working on finding the right types of items that I can use when I go out camping, I have been working on finding the perfect kind of a tent to use on a regular basis. I know that there are a lot of different types of tents that are on the market, but finding one that is a good one to use all the time has been proving just a bit complicated for me on the whole.

It is really wonderful for me to be able to spend a good amount of time looking for the different types of tents that I might be able to use on a regular basis. I know that there are tons to pick from, but without being able to have more information about them, I won’t just pick any of these. Using information from reviews and articles, I have managed to find some good tents.

My favorite tents are the different types of Alps Mountaineering Taurus tents that I have recently come across. These are really wonderful tents that are ones that would definitely be ones that I would enjoy using outdoors. I am extremely excited to be able to find the right kinds of tents that I can use when I go out camping.

Some Coleman Sleeping Bags Are Perfect to Use When Camping

5-coleman-sleeping-bagsIf I spend time out camping, I like to make sure that I have all of the items that I need to make sure that I am able to stay comfortable at night. It is a whole lot more important for me to be able to have warm items to use when I am sleeping than it is for me to have other items for camping. I don’t compromise when it comes to finding the best items that I can use when I sleep.

To make sure that I am able to always stay comfortable in my sleeping bag, I have a lot of different types of items that I take with me when I am camping. The different Coleman sleeping bags that I have are complemented with an air mattress and some extra blankets that I bring with me as well just in case. These are the items that I need to make sure that I am really comfortable.

With the right items to make it so that I can sleep in comfort, I am really able to enjoy camping a whole lot more. I definitely get much better sleep thanks to the different types of items that I use whenever I am out camping.

An Aquamira Filter Water Bottle Filters Water For Me

4-aquamira-filter-water-bottleSince I often run out of water when I go on long hikes, I have a really hard time making sure that I am able to stay well hydrated. This is something that I know is dangerous, so I have been working on finding some way to get the water that I need whenever I am out for a hike. Carrying more water with me isn’t an option since my backpack is already very heavy.

I do hike in areas that are near to lakes and rivers, so what makes the most sense for me is getting some kind of a water bottle with a filter that will make it so that I can drink from these water sources. Then I wouldn’t have to carry more water, but I could refill my water bottle as I am hiking in the woods. There are a lot of great water bottles that are made for this purpose exactly.

Having a water bottle like this is important to me, so I have been looking for many different types of water bottles that work like this. I really like the looks of an Aquamira filter water bottle that I know I could use when I am hiking. Something like this would be perfect for me to use.

Hunting Fanny Packs Keep Essentials Close at Hand

3-huntingWhen I am out hunting, the last thing I want is for something to happen that requires a piece of gear, but me not be able to reach this item in time. I have to do what I can to make sure that I am able to keep these items close at hand all of the time. This means not keeping the different types of items that I must have around in my backpack on a regular basis.

So that I have somewhere really convenient to keep these different types of items, I have been using some different types of hunting fanny packs that I can keep on all the time. These are excellent items for me to use when I am out in the wilderness since they really do help to keep the most important essentials close at hand no matter what I am doing.

I am having a really wonderful time out in the woods with items like these. These definitely make it so that I am able to get the right kinds of items that I need when hunting right away. It is so great to be able to use these kinds of fanny packs when I am hunting.