Is a Travel Trailer “the Answer”?

TenayaLake 6p FastPitch Cabin w/Cabinets cole2pic3000018142

If you have prepared for any major disaster with food and water, there are still items you will need to be self-sufficient; one area you need to prepare yourself for is: Where will you sleep and what will you need to keep warm? A travel trailer, pickup camper, or a motor home are all viable sleeping quarters – as long as you have a way to make fire for cooking and boiling water. IF your vehicle is able to survive a solar flare or an EMP (Electro-Magnetic-Pulse), you only have so much fuel for the vehicle and limited propane in the vehicle. One answer to supplement your camping vehicle would be a tent.

We have a travel trailer and, knowing it’s limitations, we are purchasing a Coleman TenayaLake 6p FastPitch Cabin w/Cabinets tent and upgrading our sleeping bags – My wife is trying to convince me we need to purchase a cot or air mattress to sleep on in the tent and I will probably relent because, as a hunter who has slept on the ground, you get up with aches and pains, especially as I get older (mid 70’s). We have a wide variety of Alps Mountaineering and Coleman tents to choose from to fit your needs.

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