Gratitude and Apology

We want to thank all of you who “liked” and follow our page and to apologize to those who tried to go to our website and purchase something; we now know our PayPal button was not working – It worked in the Webmaster’s office but that was the only place it worked!

This is as much our fault as the Webmaster’s because we relied on his assessment and didn’t check it ourselves; we still don’t know what the problem was and it took the Webmaster several weeks to correct it.

It is now operating correctly and I invite you to try going to the website to find items for your preparedness needs because a rocky road lies ahead for the nation. Many thought we were safe from an economic collapse when Donald J. Trump became president but he is but one man and he has to deal with a congress that seems only to agree at times when they are spending more taxpayer money.

Thank you again and we will keep in touch.

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