Finding the Best Cutlery for Your Hunt have hunted since I was 12, starting out with my dad and still hunt today. A good portion of being prepared for emergencies is the ability to hunt for protein – Meat! We try to fill the freezer every year with venison, elk, and/or upland birds. Once you’ve harvested your deer, you have to take care of the meat. Outdoor Edge has the tools to help you get your game from field to freezer.

The Outdoor Edge Outfitter Kit for Hunters OF-1 is a complete hunting set with all of the tools that a a professional outfitter will use to get the job done. The Outdoor Edge Cutlery Outfitter Set includes a gut-hook skinner, caping knife, folding boning/ fillet knife, Wood-Devil hatchet, T-handle wood/bone saw, Steel Stick ribcage spreader, game cleaning gloves, and Sharp-X knife sharpener in nylon roll pack/ organizer. The Outdoor Edge Outfitter weighs in at 3.5 lbs, and each item may be carried individually so you only have to carry what you need for the day’s hunt.¬†Enjoy this¬†video on Outdoor Edge cutlery:

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