Building An AR-15 Can Be Rewarding

16" M4 Rifle Kit M-Lok FurnitureThey call them a “ghost gun” because the owner/builder must finish the 80% lower receiver and that means there is no serial number. Yes, they’re perfectly legal in the BATF “world” but might not be in certain states – California comes to mind. To finish the lower receiver, you’ll need a drill press or a milling machine. You will need also to purchase a jig and bits to finish the receiver (instructions come with the jig on milling and drilling sequence). If you want a standard AR-15, we carry the Del-Ton 16″ M4 Rifle Kit (pictured here). If you’re looking to build¬†one to scope or want different sights, we sell upper receivers without sights.

You don’t save a great deal of money building your own AR-15 or 300 Black, but it’s rewarding just to say: “I built this one for me!” There are lots of videos on You Tube explaining how to build one; I selected this one produced by Brownell’s:¬†

I built a 9mm carbine on an AR platform and love shooting it at the range!

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