Wise Food Sale on Freeze Dried Foods

We have been informed Wise Foods ordered a lot more of the products than they needed and they are trying to liquidate the overstock; they cut their prices by almost 50% and allowed us to offer even lower prices! This makes it a lot easier for you to prepare you and your family for emergencies that do happen!

To give you an idea, their NEW 1-Month Emergency Food Supply for 1 Person now only $99.99; their NEW 9 Pack – Wise Favorites 72 Hour Kit was $85.99 – is now $49.99! Get as much as you want at prices that could end tomorrow but we’re holding these prices through July 31st!


Our link to the on-line store: https://survivalwaterfiltersplus.com/196-emergency-food-sto…

Gratitude and Apology

We want to thank all of you who “liked” and follow our page and to apologize to those who tried to go to our website and purchase something; we now know our PayPal button was not working – It worked in the Webmaster’s office but that was the only place it worked!

This is as much our fault as the Webmaster’s because we relied on his assessment and didn’t check it ourselves; we still don’t know what the problem was and it took the Webmaster several weeks to correct it.

It is now operating correctly and I invite you to try going to the website to find items for your preparedness needs because a rocky road lies ahead for the nation. Many thought we were safe from an economic collapse when Donald J. Trump became president but he is but one man and he has to deal with a congress that seems only to agree at times when they are spending more taxpayer money.

Thank you again and we will keep in touch.

Our Website is On-Line Again

We were forced to change servers because of speed issues and we’ve been working feverishly to get it back up and running. We are back on-line but we don’t have all our products listed yet. If you visit our website or go there to shop and don’t see what you are looking for, drop us a note through the “contact” button and let us know what you are looking for; we’ll let you know if it’s a product that will be available and when. Thank you for your patience! https://survivalwaterfiltersplus.com/


Time to Get Your Emergency Food Supplies!

2880 Servings of Wise Emergency Food StorageWe talked about the importance of having Emergency Food Supplies on hand for emergencies, manmade or natural, but just talking won’t get you prepared. In case the emergency arises now, are you prepared with a food supply that will last you and your loved ones for a week? Two weeks? A month? Six months? A year?

For most of us, trying to have a year’s food supply on hand immediately is virtually impossible. I know this because we weren’t financially able to put away a year’s supply; it is cost prohibitive, as it would be for most Americans. But we started small: Starting at the grocery store, we added a few extra cans of vegetables and fruit until we felt we had enough for 2 weeks – Then we started planning for a month. At the same time, we were raising our fruits and vegetables in our garden and as they ripened, we canned the bulk of them to expand our emergency food supply. This has been going on for a couple of years so we’re well on our way to our goals, but we cannot raise everything we need because we don’t have a lot of land so we have also been buying freeze-dried foods from Wise Foods® and Mountain House®.

Now would be a good time to start your emergency food supply because we have reduced all of the Wise Foods® prices we carry by almost 30%! Hopefully, this will help you accumulate the emergency food supplies you will need.

Is a Travel Trailer “the Answer”?

TenayaLake 6p FastPitch Cabin w/Cabinets cole2pic3000018142

If you have prepared for any major disaster with food and water, there are still items you will need to be self-sufficient; one area you need to prepare yourself for is: Where will you sleep and what will you need to keep warm? A travel trailer, pickup camper, or a motor home are all viable sleeping quarters – as long as you have a way to make fire for cooking and boiling water. IF your vehicle is able to survive a solar flare or an EMP (Electro-Magnetic-Pulse), you only have so much fuel for the vehicle and limited propane in the vehicle. One answer to supplement your camping vehicle would be a tent.

We have a travel trailer and, knowing it’s limitations, we are purchasing a Coleman TenayaLake 6p FastPitch Cabin w/Cabinets tent and upgrading our sleeping bags – My wife is trying to convince me we need to purchase a cot or air mattress to sleep on in the tent and I will probably relent because, as a hunter who has slept on the ground, you get up with aches and pains, especially as I get older (mid 70’s). We have a wide variety of Alps Mountaineering and Coleman tents to choose from to fit your needs.

A Good Camp Stove is Essential When Camping

Zippo Windproof StoveWe have four (4) full 5 gallon propane tanks and four (4) full fuel tanks we keep at the ready if the situation requires us to leave our home and we selected the Zippo Windproof 2-Burner Stove because it is built very rugged and Zippo has built wind proof lighters for as long as I can remember! It uses the 1# propane tanks but you can use the larger tanks with a little modification.

Runny eggs, uneven picnic tables and wind. These are some of the most frustrating challenges while cooking on a stove outdoors. Not anymore. Zippo’s stove features simple improvements like independent adjustable feet and a bubble level to ensure your cook surface is flat and easy to manage. An optional leg accessory is also available to free up valuable picnic table space. The dual burners feature a burner and chimney combination to protect against wind and direct more heat up towards the pot or pan.

But we carry a variety of camp stoves by Coleman, Tex Sports, and Zippo to fit every pocket book because our goal is the best products for the least cost to our customers.