Finding the Best Cutlery for Your Hunt have hunted since I was 12, starting out with my dad and still hunt today. A good portion of being prepared for emergencies is the ability to hunt for protein – Meat! We try to fill the freezer every year with venison, elk, and/or upland birds. Once you’ve harvested your deer, you have to take care of the meat. Outdoor Edge has the tools to help you get your game from field to freezer.

The Outdoor Edge Outfitter Kit for Hunters OF-1 is a complete hunting set with all of the tools that a a professional outfitter will use to get the job done. The Outdoor Edge Cutlery Outfitter Set includes a gut-hook skinner, caping knife, folding boning/ fillet knife, Wood-Devil hatchet, T-handle wood/bone saw, Steel Stick ribcage spreader, game cleaning gloves, and Sharp-X knife sharpener in nylon roll pack/ organizer. The Outdoor Edge Outfitter weighs in at 3.5 lbs, and each item may be carried individually so you only have to carry what you need for the day’s hunt. Enjoy this video on Outdoor Edge cutlery:

Survival Saws Are A Handy Camping Tool

4-survival-sawsGoing camping is something that I have been doing for a few years now and I love it so much. It is so exciting to find a scenic camping spot and all of the hikes and outdoor activities that you can do when you are camping there. It seems like I am always planning my next camping outing and looking forward to spending some time out in nature.

I live in an area with no extreme temperatures and I love to go camping year round. Experiencing the beauty of every season is something that I really enjoy, whether I am camping in the mountains and it is snowing or I am camping in the middle of the summer. My camping supplies and equipment make it easy for me to enjoy nature fully.

One of the camping tools that I find very useful is a survival saw. These survival saws are perfect for my camping outings and they are portable and easy to take with me anywhere. The saw that I have is great for whenever I need to cut limbs and it doesn’t hurt my hands to use it. I can always be ready for roughing it out in the wild with handy products like this saw.

A Pocket Survival Tool is Great to Have With Me

3-pocket-survival-toolIf I am heading out on a hike or even spending time in different areas around my backyard, I like to make sure that I have the items that I need to keep myself protected. On the whole, a tool that can do many different things is something that is especially handy to have in these cases. Rather than just having a pocket knife, having a multi tool works better.

With a tool like this, I am able to really work on opening different things or working with the different items that I run into. Around the house, something like this is great for unscrewing screws. Out in the wilderness, this pocket survival tool would be extremely important to make it so that I would be able to do all kinds of things as I worked to survive.

I love having my multi tool with me just about anywhere that I go. This kind of a tool is just so handy to have in case anything ends up happening. I definitely wouldn’t go anywhere without bringing this tool along just because I know how useful this kind of a tool can be in a survival situation or even just in day to day life.

Finding the Perfect Survival Knife for Sale Online

survival knife for sale

As I have started to prepare for possible disasters, I have been putting together a pack with all of the different items that I might like to have on hand in case of an emergency. Once I have something like this ready, it will be a lot easier for me to feel much safer in my own home. Of course, I have to pick out items that will be the most useful while leaving unnecessary items behind.

Most recently, I have been trying to find a good survival knife that I might be able to use in this pack. There are many different types of survival knives out there, but I want one that I can really rely on. Luckily, I have been able to find a fairly nice survival knife for sale online. This knife is a decently sized one that should be a good one for me to use in emergencies.

To go with this knife, I am going to pick out a couple of other great survival items such as a water filter and a first aid kits. Some survival food in this pack will also be extremely helpful in any kind of an emergency situation. With these items I will be able to be much more prepared.