Stored Food Must Have Long Shelf Life

As we b56 Serving Grab n Go Bucketegan our on-line store, we knew we needed a good source of canned or dried foods that would take less room to store and wouldn’t be dependent of refrigerators and freezers. Yes, you can get products like that at your local grocery store but there are 2 distinct disadvantages to stocking up on canned goods and jerky: (1) Canned goods are heavy and if the disaster requires you to move out, they don’t move easy; (2) Both canned goods and jerky take up a lot of storage room which most do not have.

We found a good source of Wise Freeze Dried Foods, which gives you a wide variety of meats, fruits and vegetables that just require water to prepare. It’s definitely better to have Apple-Cinnamon Cereal for breakfast, Cheesy Macaroni for lunch, Stroganoff for dinner, and a Tropical Fruit Bar for snacks than to have Beef Jerky and canned beans, corn, or peas for EVERY meal – Wouldn’t you agree?