Building An AR-15 Can Be Rewarding

16" M4 Rifle Kit M-Lok FurnitureThey call them a “ghost gun” because the owner/builder must finish the 80% lower receiver and that means there is no serial number. Yes, they’re perfectly legal in the BATF “world” but might not be in certain states – California comes to mind. To finish the lower receiver, you’ll need a drill press or a milling machine. You will need also to purchase a jig and bits to finish the receiver (instructions come with the jig on milling and drilling sequence). If you want a standard AR-15, we carry the Del-Ton 16″ M4 Rifle Kit (pictured here). If you’re looking to build one to scope or want different sights, we sell upper receivers without sights.

You don’t save a great deal of money building your own AR-15 or 300 Black, but it’s rewarding just to say: “I built this one for me!” There are lots of videos on You Tube explaining how to build one; I selected this one produced by Brownell’s:

I built a 9mm carbine on an AR platform and love shooting it at the range!

Protecting Your Family, Friends, and Neighbors

NcStar 42" Double Carbine Case, Digital CamoAs we began preparing for disasters (man-made or natural), protecting ourselves, family, friends, and neighbors became a real talking point. We knew the most reliable tool for self-protection would be handguns and rifles. Every member of my family is trained in firearms safety and accurate shooting, so the question became: “What kind of firearms?” That is a choice to make carefully; it is a personal choice but should start with firearms safety training! Safety and proper care of firearms is as important as being able to hit what you’re shooting at! Cleaning kits and gun bags were the first items we acquired, plus we standardized the firearms we would use.

I like the NcStar Double Carbine Case 36 because it has a separating pad to keep 2 carbines from banging against each other and the 3 exterior pouches allow me to carry several magazines and cleaning gear with it.