A Good Camp Stove is Essential When Camping

Zippo Windproof StoveWe have four (4) full 5 gallon propane tanks and four (4) full fuel tanks we keep at the ready if the situation requires us to leave our home and we selected the Zippo Windproof 2-Burner Stove because it is built very rugged and Zippo has built wind proof lighters for as long as I can remember! It uses the 1# propane tanks but you can use the larger tanks with a little modification.

Runny eggs, uneven picnic tables and wind. These are some of the most frustrating challenges while cooking on a stove outdoors. Not anymore. Zippo’s stove features simple improvements like independent adjustable feet and a bubble level to ensure your cook surface is flat and easy to manage. An optional leg accessory is also available to free up valuable picnic table space. The dual burners feature a burner and chimney combination to protect against wind and direct more heat up towards the pot or pan.

But we carry a variety of camp stoves by Coleman, Tex Sports, and Zippo to fit every pocket book because our goal is the best products for the least cost to our customers.