If You Must Leave, You Need A “Bug-Out” Bag

alpspic9465300As we began preparing for disasters (man-made or natural), we realized some of the scenarios would require us to leave home or “bug-out”. In our family, my wife has a 2-person Guardian Survival Bag but my “bug-out” has to carry more than we can get in that, so I carry a larger backpack, here is the latest pack on the market, and it is the cream of the crop… especially when you consider the price you can get it for. There are a lot of features crammed into the Traverse. For starters, let’s talk about its modular design. It can hold your bow or gun in the expandable pocket. It can haul out meat, decoys, or extra gear in the “hauling mode.” It has a pocket designed specifically for carrying and protecting your spotting scope. In addition to all these great features, it has 2 easy access pockets on the waist belt, a large main compartment, a side pocket, internal pocket, and 2 front wing pockets. If you still need room, there are side compression straps to attach even more gear.

The Traverse has a top-of-the-line “H” frame design and multi-layer foam waist belt with a PE outer layer that will make the perfect combination to carrying heavy loads comfortably. Add in the adjustable torso range and this pack has the suspension system every hunter seeks when hauling out an animal or other heavy loads. The unique “H” frame design is made of strong, but lightweight, tubular aluminum. For a pack, the key to carrying weight comfortably is to have a strong frame and a rock-solid, adjustable suspension, and that’s exactly what the Traverse has, making it one of the most advanced internal-frame packs in the industry.

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Some Outdoor Adventure Backpacks Really are Great to Have When Hiking

8-outdoor-adventure-backpacksSince I recently began to spend a lot more time out hiking, I started to notice more and more that the backpack that I was using on these trips wasn’t a backpack that was really good enough for me to have. I hated the idea of getting rid of this backpack, but since it wasn’t one that was built to hold up to all the trips that I was taking outdoors, I knew that it was very important that I do something.

I spent a good amount of time looking for different types of backpacks that were the perfect kinds of items for me to use on a regular basis as a replacement for the different types of backpacks that I had used before. It was extremely important for me to be able to choose all of the right kinds of backpacks that I would be able to use when I hiked.

It took me a while to look at the great outdoor adventure backpacks that were available, but eventually I was able to find one that I really liked. Having the right kind of a backpack that I can use to make sure that I am able to hike all the time is something that is very important.

Hunting Fanny Packs Keep Essentials Close at Hand

3-huntingWhen I am out hunting, the last thing I want is for something to happen that requires a piece of gear, but me not be able to reach this item in time. I have to do what I can to make sure that I am able to keep these items close at hand all of the time. This means not keeping the different types of items that I must have around in my backpack on a regular basis.

So that I have somewhere really convenient to keep these different types of items, I have been using some different types of hunting fanny packs that I can keep on all the time. These are excellent items for me to use when I am out in the wilderness since they really do help to keep the most important essentials close at hand no matter what I am doing.

I am having a really wonderful time out in the woods with items like these. These definitely make it so that I am able to get the right kinds of items that I need when hunting right away. It is so great to be able to use these kinds of fanny packs when I am hunting.

Staying Organized Outdoors With Tactical Bags

6-tactical-bagsStaying organized on my outdoor trips is something that is very important to me. I really like to be able to take my gear with me in a compact way and always have what I need within reach. I tried a lot of different outdoor bags until I found one that really works well for me and my outdoor supplies. This bag is just what I needed for a long time.

The tactical bag that I love to use is a camo bag that features great organization for my needs. The bag features an organizational pocket in the front as well as plenty of other pockets for my larger and smaller equipment. The bag features shoulder straps that are padded so that I can wear it on hikes and stay comfortable.

Good tactical bags are essential for having the successful outing that I am looking for whether I am heading out on a hunt or I am taking on a new mountain trail. I love that the bag has plenty of room in it for all of my gear without sacrificing portability. The bag is just what I was looking for when it comes to having all the essentials I need for the day with me.

My Versatile Camo Backpack Is My Buddy For All Kinds Of Outings

5-camo-backpackI love to take on a new outdoor adventure and having a backpack that is my buddy for each and every one of them is great. My backpack of the camo kind is perfect for a variety of outings, whether I am out hunting or I am doing a half-day hike. This backpack has been with me for a while now and it never lets me down to this day.

With my backpack of the camo kind, I can enjoy having a great outdoor adventure wherever my soul takes me. The backpack features a rugged design and it keeps my hunting and outdoor equipment secure. I love that this backpack is versatile enough to take with me into the woods for bow hunting or to take with me into the mountains on a hike.

A good camo backpack is something that I wish I would’ve gotten earlier. This backpack even includes a rain cover so that I can stay dry if some clouds come through. I love that the backpack has plenty of pockets for my hydration supplies as well as for my hunting tools and that I can find a good and secure place for everything. I am always prepared for a successful outing with my backpack.

Hunting Backpacks Make it Easy for Me to Carry My Gear

5-hunting-backpacksNow that I have begun to go hunting further away from my car, it is very important for me to make sure that I have something that I will be able to use so that I can carry my essential gear with me anywhere that I go. It can be a bit difficult to carry all of these different items if they are not in some kind of a pack since I just cannot carry items and hunt at the same time.

To make it easy to carry these items, I have been searching the internet for the right kind of backpack that I might be able to use all of the time. I have managed to find some really wonderful hunting backpacks that are a good size and have many pockets for gear. These different types of backpacks are sure to hold the items that I need.

It will be nice being able to have some kind of a hunting backpack on my back while I am hunting just because this will mean that all of my gear is a lot closer to me when I need it. I’ll be able to carry all of the different items that I might end up needing while I am out hunting all of the time.