An Electric Air Mattress Pump Makes it Easy to Inflate an Air Mattress

8-air-mattressAfter many years of camping, I began to have some trouble with my back on a regular basis which made it much harder for me to sleep on the ground. Since this was an activity that I really loved doing, I had to find a different way to camp in comfort. Eventually, I decided that I would just use an air mattress when I was out camping so that I could stay comfortable.

Bringing an air mattress with me when I was camping was a bit uncomfortable and difficult just because this had to be inflated all of the time. It wasn’t too easy to do this with the foot pump that I had bought with the mattress. I felt as if I was taking too much time to inflate the mattress, taking time away from my time spent camping. This was very frustrating.

Just to make it so that the inflating process was a lot easier, I ended up purchasing an electric air mattress pump that would work so much faster. This pump is so wonderful to have on hand since it really does make it so that the mattress is able to inflate so much faster for me. I feel great using this all of the time.

A Sawyer Filter is Perfect for Survival Situations

7-outdoor-waterOne of the main things to pay attention to in a survival situation is the kind of water that you are able to get for drinking. In some cases, you may have time to fill a bathtub with water or to store water before a disaster. For other situations, you’ll have to make sure that you can drink whatever water you are able to find while you are out surviving.

To make this possible, it is best to have a water filter that you can use on a regular basis while drinking water that you happen to find. You’ll want to have a portable filter that you can use if you have to leave your home entirely. A Sawyer filter may be one that is a great one to have on hand just because these different types of filters are the ones that are very high quality.

When you are shopping for survival water filters, it is much more important to buy a high quality one than it is to save money on a filter like this. Having one on hand when you need it could really end up making a huge difference to you and your family in an emergency situation.

A Sawyer Mini Water Filter is Excellent for Filtering Water

6-sawyer-mini-water-filterOne of the things that has often concerned me about emergency situations is the idea of water in the area being contaminated. While it is possible to store some water for this kind of an emergency, I have often worried about what we would do once all of this water ended up running out. It certainly wouldn’t be simple to just go out and find fresh water that we could drink.

Even in the cases of puddles and lakes around the area, this water isn’t something that people should just be drinking straight. This water can be filled with bacteria and other items that might make you sick. For this reason, the water that you get from these areas wouldn’t necessarily be really safe to consume on the whole at least not without a filter to use on it.

To make sure that my family is ready for any emergency situation that might mean we run out of fresh water, I have begun to look for some different types of filters that I can use for lake or puddle water. A Sawyer mini water filter should be a good one for my family to use in an emergency situation where fresh water couldn’t be found.

Hunting Backpacks Make it Easy for Me to Carry My Gear

5-hunting-backpacksNow that I have begun to go hunting further away from my car, it is very important for me to make sure that I have something that I will be able to use so that I can carry my essential gear with me anywhere that I go. It can be a bit difficult to carry all of these different items if they are not in some kind of a pack since I just cannot carry items and hunt at the same time.

To make it easy to carry these items, I have been searching the internet for the right kind of backpack that I might be able to use all of the time. I have managed to find some really wonderful hunting backpacks that are a good size and have many pockets for gear. These different types of backpacks are sure to hold the items that I need.

It will be nice being able to have some kind of a hunting backpack on my back while I am hunting just because this will mean that all of my gear is a lot closer to me when I need it. I’ll be able to carry all of the different items that I might end up needing while I am out hunting all of the time.

A 4 Person Tent is the Perfect Size for My Family

4-camping-tentBefore I could start going out camping with my family on a regular basis, I had to make sure that I would be able to find the right kind of camping gear that I would be able to use on a regular basis. There were some large items that I knew would be especially important for us to have on hand just so that we would be able to be protected from the elements whenever we were outside.

It was wonderful for me to start shopping for the different types of camping items since I knew that my family would really have a blast using the pieces of camping equipment that I picked out. I took an especially long time picking the tent so that I could find one that would be perfect for us. The 4 person tent I chose really is a great size and it is perfect for protecting us from wind and rain.

I cannot wait to go out camping with all of the excellent items that I have collected for us to use. It is going to be great to see how my children react to spending time outdoors and seeing all the different sites that are out there. I know that they will have a blast.

A Pocket Survival Tool is Great to Have With Me

3-pocket-survival-toolIf I am heading out on a hike or even spending time in different areas around my backyard, I like to make sure that I have the items that I need to keep myself protected. On the whole, a tool that can do many different things is something that is especially handy to have in these cases. Rather than just having a pocket knife, having a multi tool works better.

With a tool like this, I am able to really work on opening different things or working with the different items that I run into. Around the house, something like this is great for unscrewing screws. Out in the wilderness, this pocket survival tool would be extremely important to make it so that I would be able to do all kinds of things as I worked to survive.

I love having my multi tool with me just about anywhere that I go. This kind of a tool is just so handy to have in case anything ends up happening. I definitely wouldn’t go anywhere without bringing this tool along just because I know how useful this kind of a tool can be in a survival situation or even just in day to day life.

Finding Some of the Best Backpacking Water Filters to Use

2-backpackingWhether I am out backpacking or being faced with a real emergency situation, one of the most important items for me to have on hand is some kind of a water filter. When I am backpacking, this kind of a water filter is necessary just so that I am able to get the drinking water that I need no matter where I go or how long I am out backpacking. In an emergency this kind of a filter would be great for getting fresh water.

Since both of these situations require great water filters that can ensure that I won’t need to worry so much about finding water that I can drink, I have to make sure that I have filters like these around my home. For this purpose, I purchased some of the best backpacking water filters which are extremely portable and easy for me to use.

It is going to be wonderful having these on hand whenever I do need them. They could make a huge difference to my survival on the whole just because they are such important items to have with me. Since people cannot survive without water for long I feel that these are the most important items for me to have.

Finding the Perfect Survival Knife for Sale Online

survival knife for sale

As I have started to prepare for possible disasters, I have been putting together a pack with all of the different items that I might like to have on hand in case of an emergency. Once I have something like this ready, it will be a lot easier for me to feel much safer in my own home. Of course, I have to pick out items that will be the most useful while leaving unnecessary items behind.

Most recently, I have been trying to find a good survival knife that I might be able to use in this pack. There are many different types of survival knives out there, but I want one that I can really rely on. Luckily, I have been able to find a fairly nice survival knife for sale online. This knife is a decently sized one that should be a good one for me to use in emergencies.

To go with this knife, I am going to pick out a couple of other great survival items such as a water filter and a first aid kits. Some survival food in this pack will also be extremely helpful in any kind of an emergency situation. With these items I will be able to be much more prepared.